A family game in which players race to secure ruins and explore territories. The game features innovative area enclosure and grid movement mechanisms using rubber bands..

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Designed by: Oren Shainin and Yaniv Kahana

Illustrated by: Alexander Rommel and Maxim Suleymanovna

Published by: Lifestyle Boardgames Ltd.

2-4 Players

20-40 Minutes

Ages 8+

You have found a way to bend time and space by means of a rare elastic substance known as KAUCHUKIUM, and now you are able to travel to foregone and yet undiscovered worlds in search of amazing treasures.

But you are not the only one lurking among ancient ruins or looking for jungle temples. So don’t drag your feet, choose the best tactics, and be the first to BAND THE WORLD!

Travel to eight fascinating locations in Kauchuk and collect treasures and other valuable artifacts. Take control over the territory using unique components and a special 3D game board. Rules of the game change from one location to another allowing you to experience each game as a new one.

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Kauchuck English RulesElastium French Rules